Jewellery and collections

My great passion is to admire, wear and, above all, design jewellery. The diamonds become my friends, and together we produce exclusive and beautiful creations. All jewellery on this site has been designed by myself.

Responsibility Mark (RM)

I am proud of the fact that all my jewellery is marked with my own RM. 

A mark registered according to law by the:
”Directorate General of Swiss Customs Central Office Precious Metals Control”.

Right here you can see what it looks like.

My collections

It is not uncommon for me first to choose my jewellery and then to pick some suitable clothes. In my sparkling world, leaving home without jewellery is unthinkable.

Why not put together your own jewellery collection? I can answer most questions on jewellery and diamonds, but not that one. The question has recurred more and more often, and I interpret it as a challenge!

All the jewellery pieces in the collections are ones that I first made for myself and that I wear with pride. Mixing gold colours has always appealed to me and provides unlimited matching opportunities for the jewellery.

Unique opportunities

Even if the piece of jewellery is part of a collection, you will still be offered that rare opportunity to come up with your own request and create a unique piece. Perhaps you would like a grey pearl instead of a white one in your new necklace? The jewellery in the collections is also made to order and by hand just for you.

The pieces in the collection are original for even more reasons. Most can be matched with each other. Not only that, many can be taken apart and put together as you wish. I really like being able to make many different pieces of jewellery from a single one, and being able to vary how I put them together.

The collections

Graduation rings
Tout est possible
Juste pour te faire plaisir