Care and returns policy

If you take care of your diamond jewelry and check the setting regularly, not only the diamond will last forever but also your jewelry.


If you wear your sparkling diamond every day, do not forget to give it a much-needed clean once a week. Diamonds attract dust as well as the oils from your skin, and this directly dulls the sparkle. A little washing-up liquid, warm water and a toothbrush can do wonders for the diamond. You can also buy cleaning solutions, into which you lower your jewellery for a while and then wipe it dry with a special diamond cloth. Porous stones, such as pearls and turquoise, should not be placed in these jewellery baths as they may then fade. Pearls and porous gemstones must only be cleaned with a soft cloth. The more you wear your pearl jewellery directly against the skin, the more beautiful it becomes.

I always recommend people to take their diamond jewellery to a jeweller at least once a year to have the setting checked in order to ensure that the diamond is still secure. Gold and platinum are relatively soft metals, and a piece of jewellery worn daily on the hand will be subject to wear. Nonetheless, if you have sent in the piece you can, of course, have it polished and also rhodium plated (if it is made of white gold).

Returns policy

It is possible to change your mind after the purchase and manufacture of a piece of jewellery specially made for you, but we cannot offer you your money back. On the other hand, we can help you to create a new piece of jewellery from the gemstones or pearls in your existing piece. Your gold will be reused and we can offer our workshop service when you have the piece remade. You will need to pay for return shipping and the gold (with a deduction for your “old” gold), as well as customs duties and VAT.