The Atelier

Would you like a unique piece of diamond jewellery? That is exactly what you can have by using our workshop service, and I will help you to create what feels perfect for you.

Your most precious piece of jewellery

Choosing an engagement or wedding ring that will be worn forever can feel absolutely wonderful and – perhaps – just a little bit scary. It is not enough just for the price to be right when you are choosing the most precious piece of jewellery for yourself or the one you love. Besides, why choose a ready-made piece of jewellery when you can have one created? Wearing a unique jewel is a very special feeling.

Uniqueness guaranteed

We do not make two copies of the pieces of jewellery that we help you create in our atelier. The pictures on the webb site are there to provide you with inspiration and an idea of what we can achieve. Your piece of jewellery will remain unique (this does not apply to our collections).

The jewellery created in our atelier is not only unique but is also favourably priced. However, we do not stop there. We know that the design and quality of the jewellery are also very important to how much you will enjoy it in the future.

How long does it take from concept to finished jewellery?

The entire process through to the finished piece of jewellery needs to feel safe and correct. The fact that everyone finds the process of creation fun and exciting is something we regard as an extra bonus! The process will take as long as you need, but if you are in a hurry it can be very quick (ten working days, or five if we have the diamond in stock). Sometimes, we choose the diamond first; sometimes, it is the ring design that is created first. Sometimes, you do not know exactly what you want to create. In that case, we will guide you gently through the wonderful, sparkling world of diamonds.

Those wishing to learn more about diamonds right away can have a look here

How it works

So how does the sparkling and exciting creative process work? We communicate via e-mail regarding which type of diamond(s) you fancy. Should the diamond be oval, teardrop-shaped or, perhaps, square – or do you have a completely different shape in mind? I will suggest diamonds to match your taste and budget, and with certification from your preferred institute.

We work with the GIA, HRD and IGI, among others. You will be able to ask questions and ponder in peace and quiet, and you can go up and down in terms of colour, size, inclusions, cut, polish, symmetry, fluorescence, etc. Find out more about the colour and quality of diamonds here.

Top quality in all stages

You will be given a link to the certificate for the diamond(s) of most interest to you. Certificates for diamonds over 0.50 ct will come from institutes such as the GIA, IGI and HRD. we do not sell any conflict diamonds. I always recommend purchasing certified diamonds if you would like a diamond of one half carat or greater. Diamonds exceeding 0.50 ct from the major institutes have a laser inscription with the number on their girdle, which means that the diamond cannot be mistaken for another.

The same size gives a better match

If you would like many smaller diamonds (below 0,25ct), for example to make an eternity ring, the most common approach is to choose diamonds that all have the same size of the “table” so that they fit well together in the ring. These diamonds fall between F and H in terms of colour and between VS and SI in terms of inclusions; the fact that they vary slightly in colour and quality is something that neither you, I nor anyone else will notice. It is good to know that they are of at least equal quality to the small diamonds from Cartier, Tiffany, Bvlgari and the other major jewellery houses. Small diamonds sparkel slightly less than large ones

Well proven process

Creating a piece of jewellery by e-mail and telephone perhaps sounds like a complex project, but it works really well. We discuss various inspiration images and drawings. If you do not have a clear idea, I am more than happy to help! Once we begin to get close to your dream ring/piece of jewellery, I will produce 3-D images for you (shown on the left above). Then, once you have approved these, wax copies will be made of the piece of jewellery (shown on the right above, blue ring) and pictures of these sent to you. Finally, when you are happy with the wax copies, the jewellery will be made by hand.

The reality exceeds the dream

Creating your unique piece of jewellery in peace and quiet at home is great fun and very convenient, and it is very exciting when you get to see it in reality. You will be pleasantly surprised, because jewellery is always much more stunning in reality than in pictures! The sparkling of a diamond has to be experienced for real, so prepare yourself for a wonderful moment when you see your diamond jewellery in reality for the first time.

Manufacture by skilled craftspeople in Dubai

Our jewellery is manufactured in Dubai by highly skilled craftspeople. I have lived in Dubai for the best part of 12 years and have been working with various workshops since 2012. Having visited other jewellers and workshops around Europe, I know that my partners in Dubai are unbeatable – not only on price, but also in terms of craftsmanship. Another reason for using this particular workshop is that the employees are offered fair and safe working conditions. For a number of years, I have been using the same atelier for both our special orders and our collections as they are, quite simply, the most skilled of al

If you are in Dubai

If you are visiting Dubai and at the same time intending to acquire your jewellery, it will be delivered to your hotel at no extra cost. You can pay for the jewellery on delivery either by card or in cash. If you do not have the opportunity to visit Dubai, of course your jewellery can be delivered to your home address.

Delivery outside Switzerland

All jewellery is delivered at no extra cost to Zürich in Switzerland, where I and my company are located. Of course, delivery, VAT and customs duty are included in the price of jewellery delivered to Switzerland. For those living outside Switzerland, I will be happy to help suggest various delivery options.

How much will your unique piece of jewellery cost?

From us you will get the total price of your dream piece of jewellery. Diamond/s, metal, manufacture and atelier service are included in the price (as well as delivery, customs duty and VAT if the jewellery is delivered to Switzerland). 

We make jewelry in all price ranges and for everyone’s budget.

Let’s get started and create your dream piece of jewellery! We look forward hearing from you!