Passion and unique design in every piece of diamond jewellery

Each diamond is unique and so are you. This is why I want your jewellery to be equally exclusive. With over 25 years’ experience of designing diamond jewellery, my aim is to create unique and personal jewellery designed just for you – something that will become part of your personality. Jewellery that you will love and want to wear proudly for the rest of your life.

Beautiful, high-quality jewellery

Here you can see some of the unique pieces of diamond jewellery designed by me and created in the atelier in Dubai.

Diamonds are forever

The 4 Cs of diamonds

Anyone who thinks about diamonds will at some time have come across the term “the 4 Cs”. The diamond’s certificate contains information on the size, colour and clarity of the diamond, and on the fineness of the cut. Find out more about the 4 Cs

The various shapes of diamond

Your preferred shape of diamond is a matter of opinion and taste. The round brilliant cut is the most common and most popular shape. Which shape do you prefer?

Diamond certification

Remarkably, many large diamonds are sold without a certificate. Two different diamonds can have very different values, depending on their respective quality, cut, colour and a whole range of other factors. A certificate guarantees the value of the diamond.

Welcome to my sparkling world!

Since 2018, I have been living and working in beautiful Switzerland. My company is also registered there, although my atelier is in Dubai. Having visited other jewellers and workshops around Europe, I know that my partners in Dubai are unbeatable – not only on price, but also in terms of craftsmanship.

There has been a demand for collections for a number of years, and I now have the pleasure of presenting the very first collections. Read more about me and about my passion for diamonds
Find out more about me and my passion for diamonds